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Mimi volume one, a picture story book for young girls and boys. Mimi volume two, a picture story book for young children. Mimi volumes one and two are fun collections of picture stories to read with young children or for older kids to enjoy themselves. Also available in FrenchGerman and Spanish. Random plot generator.

Random short story generator. Your Stories. Latest Tweeted Story randomstorygenerator Tweets. Fun Facts The story generator is a fun short story plot generator and all stories come fully illustrated. You can put in whatever you want and make hundreds of fun stories!

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See the next page for how many possible stories there are. The name of a character decides how they look. Why not create a story with all the characters you like the best? There is one very special fairy name, can you find it?

Click on the arrows or the edge of the pictures to go to the next page. You can then save the story in your app if you want. The app is available for Android and Amazon Kindles etc. Share your stories with friends and family by clicking on the links at the end of your story.

The same story input always gives the same story, so you can save your story by bookmarking it or whatever!

roadman generator

If you like it then.If you enjoy this sample of the dictionary, please consider buying the complete edition. Every penny raised supports the project and this educational website. Bennin — to be in a state of extreme laughter. Chung — extremely good looking. Gotta get down JJB Sport and buy a new one. Cotch — to hang out, relax, chill out or sleep.

See also kotch. Crump — A multi-purpose term which can be an insult, an exclamation and some other things as well. Dry — dull, boring, unfunny. Probably comes from flat out. Long — a task that involves more effort than the object is worth. To be complex, time consuming or arduous in nature. Merk — This word originally meant to kill someone, but now it means to insult someone. Not bothered — Someone who is not interested in something, or in doing something.

roadman generator

A phrase much over-used by Maxwell in Big Brother to express appreciation for his surroundings. Rinsed — overused, used up, all gone.

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Safe — cool, good, sweet. Also Safa can be the coolest of the cool, superlative version of safe. Sick — interesting, cool, never seen before.

The more sick something is, the better. Tell over or told over — to rat on someone, to tattle. Vexed — irritated, angry. An old word, it has gained new currency, as demonstrated by Science in Big Brother to express his annoyance with some triviality or other. If you have other words you think should be in this dictionary, please suggest them here. The above list is only a small part of the full dictionary.User accounts are ubiquitous these days - most of us have many, many user accounts spread across a lot of different sites.

Next time you need to sign up, why not try for something other than jonno or bill? Thinking of something original and fun can sometimes take a fair amount of thinking and imagination.

Look no more! Use this free tool to generate a list of random usernames, by combining words from a range of different categories. I think the best combinations of usernames are generated when you have something like "emotions" or "adjectives" for the first category, and then pretty much any other category after that Some of the combinations really make you laugh out loud. The usernames are made up of two words joined together, each picked from one of the category lists above.

Select a category, and click on the "get usernames" button. You'll notice lot of these random usernames probably have too many characters to be of much use to you. If that's the case, I think they're a lot of fun anyway, as it's interesting to see what results you get when combining random words together, in a strange and seemingly random fashion.

However, if you want to include a word of your own in the username suggestions you could try this username generator. You can enter a word of your choice, and then combine it with other random words to see what you end up with. You can click on a username and check if it's available across a number of social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. Additionally, you can click a heart next to a username to add it to your favourites - so you can build up a collection and save them later on, or go to the favourites page and check their availability from there.

If you don't like the hearts getting in the way of the list of results, click the 'toggle' button to hide the hearts. Click on the sort button to display the results list in a model window, and then sort them alphabetically, or by length.

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If you click on the Show Bells and Whistles option, there are a load of useful options, such as:. I've used the same word list I used for the username generators to make a passphrase generator. There's some background on the page about the process too. This is a list of all of the individual words on this page which have been used to make up a username. Toggle navigation. Show Bells and Whistles.

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Nice Font. Plural 1st Word. Plural 2nd Word. Anywhere Start End.Don't blame the messenger for telling you that these words exist. A special snowflake also known as a person with "Special Snowflake Syndrome" or "SSS" is someone who believes he or she is different from everyone else. Use it in a sentence: "Carrie thinks she's such a special snowflake ever since she started writing poetry.

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Can't decide whether to insult someone by calling them a dick or an ass? We live in a magical age, people. Use it in a sentence: "My dickass husband won't run to the store to buy me more cigarettes and wine coolers. Use it in a sentence: "My teacher gave me detention.

She's being such a douchebaggette. Short for virginthis word is the perfect insult for high school kids who pretend like they have the life experience to use it. This is what we used to call a double-sided complimentbackhanded complimentor left-handed compliment.

At first, a mediocrement sounds like a compliment, but then the double meaning kicks in and you realize you just got dissed. What a mediocrement. That's what this phrase refers to. Someone said something and you used "your woman ears" to hear it, so you got bent out of shape. Use it in a sentence: "I told my mom she looked like she'd lost weight, but she had her woman ears on and yelled at me for calling her fat. Use it in a sentence: "Did you see who Kyle went home with?

He is such a doggyknobber! I don't even speak German! Use it in a sentence: "What do you mean you don't want to get your hands dirty? Don't be such a Bieber. This definition is all "metaphysical" and stuff. A negaton is a bit of negative energy that other people can absorb. Negatons put people in a bad mood. Use it in a sentence: "I don't need your negatons today, dude.

You're bringing me down. This describes someone so stupid that you want to stab your eyes out so that you never have to look at him or her again. If you need me, I'll be outside scraping off my shoes.

Beverly Jenkins. Beverly Jenkins is a humor and pop culture writer. She has published three web humor books and six calendars, including You Had One Job!

The female version of douchebag.

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Use it in a sentence: "What a loser.Need to improve your flow? Want to impress the crowd with a scorching MC name? Are you ready to bust a mike as the latest hot rapper to hit the streets? Then make your own name with our rap name generator! Artists like Childish Gambino and Post Malone have actually used rapper name generators like this to choose their names, so if you want to craft a persona that's going to set the hip-hop world ablaze, why not give it a shot?

Rap artists need a stage persona that has the right kind of energy and attitude — and part of finding that persona is choosing the right name. Over the years, there have been a number of different methods employed by various rap superstars, all of which have resulted in bizarre, memorable and attention-grabbing rap names. Sometimes it'll be a nickname — there's Snoop Dogg, aka Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, who got his infamous rap monicker from his mother, thanks to his childhood love of cartoon character Snoopy from the Charlie Brown TV animations; and there's The Notorious B.

Childhood nicknames were also a source of inspiration for rappers like The Game aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor who got his name via his grandmother, and Ice Cube aka O'Shea Jacksonwho got his nickname from his elder brother.

Your stage name can also come from your childhood, as it did in the case of Waka Flocka Flame aka Juaqin James Malphurswho used the 'Waka waka' catchphrase of Muppet character Fozzie Bear as inspiration for his stage persona — and this was also true for Macklemore, who named himself after an eccentric superhero called 'Professor Macklemore' that he originally created for a high school homework project. Some rapper names can be specifically chosen to show a particular attitude — like 50 Cent Curtis Jacksonwho named himself after an infamous Brooklyn stick-up artist; or Action Bronson aka Ariyan Arslaniwho grabbed part of his name as a homage to actor Charles Bronson; and especially Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard aka Russell Tyrone Joneswho was named after a martial arts movie called Ol' Dirty and the Bastard.

Rap names can also have more serious meanings, like with M. They can even come from rapper name generators — like with Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, who fed his name into an online Wu-Tang Clan name generator, and liked the result so much he decided to stick with it.

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Post Malone has a similar story. He says that at age 14 he ran his name, Richard Austin Post, through a random rap name generator when looking for an identity under which to release his first mixtape, and the moniker stuck.

If you would like to learn which rap name generator we think Childish Gambino and Post Malone used to get their names, visit our FAQs page for the answer!

Ultimately, whatever direction they come from, a unique name can help you forge your public persona and set you on the path to a wild and unpredictable musical career! Choose from a list of names. Get a personalised name and character description. First Name:.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I'm using internally a simple text list to represent roadmaps.

But that's not enough when it comes to present the roadmap to some powerpoint accustomed decision makers. Do you know of any techniques to generate nice looking development roadmaps? How do you produce your roadmaps? I think easies way will be to take some background, may be faded logo of company and draw a huge arrow from left bottom corner to right upper. I use Visio for this, although in quite a simplistic way. Calendar quarters along the horizontal axis topproject streams on the vertical axis lefta bunch of left-to-right rectangles within each stream to signify duration of specific pieces.

Simple and quick. It is sad that appearances do matter at all, but I'm sure the big management do appreciate easy to understand visualizations. Towards that route, remember to act as if they were 8 year olds and knew nothing. Everything I do turns out ugly, so I can't give you advice on beauty -- but I can say 'dumb it down' as much as possible.

I do not believe there is any specialized application out there to create the perfect looking ready-map roadmaps for you, though Visio may work.

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I'd recommend PowerPoint and pretending like you were giving the presentation to first graders. Use Trello! I'm using trello for sharing high level roadmap with may boss, so he can have a simple overview of main features and, it simplier to discuss with him :- I'm using trello also for a public Roadmap. Perhaps not what you are looking for, but worth mentioning anyway.Roadman strives to actively drive innovation and accelerate growth within its portfolio holdings, with the objective of realizing alpha returns.

Agriculture The increasing demand for agricultural commodities driven by a growing population makes this sector a great investment opportunity. Our team matches sound macroeconomic thinking with proven operational strategies to generate positive returns. We invest in stable juristications and in commodities that have a favorable supply and demand environment and positive future growth prospects. We are focused in investing transformation companies that make financial services more accessible, powerful, and economical for consumers.

Technology Innovation and agility have become essential competitive ingredients for any organization, regardless of industry. The move towards cloud platforms and the rise of artificial intelligence AI tools is driving the technology sectors. The Company targets two different types of companies:.

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Roadman is focused in investing in products, devices, apps and health supplements that promote holistic health and wellness. Roadman Investments is a research-driven investment firm and each portfolio selection goes through methodical analysis.

The company uses a broad spectrum of investment strategies across industries and capitalization ranges. A cornerstone of our philosophy lies in the consistent application of a rigorous investment approach that analyzes not only the financial and business prospects of the companies we invest in but also the the fundamental macro drivers of the industry.

The vision and talent of the founders is the drive behind the company and one of our most important considerations. Roadman Investments only partners with entrepreneurs that are highly competent and committed. Our culture stresses teamwork and the free exchange of ideas among our executives and key industry experts to ensure calculated and data driven decisions. Roadman plans to achieve significant growth by investing in securities of companies engaged in health and wellness, nutrition, new forms of medicines, pharmaceutical products and others.

In the near term Roadman aims to acquire assets in cultivation, distribution, consumer products and research and development in the medicinal mushroom sector. It is this comprehensive approach that is positioning Roadman as a future frontrunner in the fast growing alternative health industry. The world is becoming more health conscious than ever before and wellness needs are growing daily. In pursuit of a more preventative approach to staying healthy, consumers are opting for more conscious nutritional and drug alternatives.

Roadman is committed to investing in breakthrough products, devices, treatments and health supplements that promote holistic health and wellness.

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Roadman Investments management team is composed of investment professionals that bring extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital and investment management. The company is also proactively engaging the most renowned leaders in the alternative health industry to ensure access to superior investment opportunities.

Montaine and has raised millions of dollars in funding for public and private companies and has completed several successful mergers and acquisitions.

David successfully founded and developed three private retail concepts which grew to more than two dozen locations across western Canada and the United States and has considerable experience in cross-border mergers, corporate acquisitions and compliance. For the last decade, he has consulted with numerous early stage companies across the retail, clean tech, energy and technology sectors, focusing on business and corporate development opportunities.

Kuang received an M. Kevin championed the successful campaign to pass Initiative which resulted in Denver, Colorado became the first US city to decriminalize psilocybin; the active psychoactive ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms. The passage of Initiative has since fuelled national discourse on the potential health benefits of psilocybin.

Take advantage of growth opportunities and get your business to the next level. Get a capital infusion to help you achieve your company objectives. Our investment team is always looking for new companies to partner with. If your business requires capital to scale or you are ready for an exit we can help.

Email Address. Being a shareholder of an Investment firm is a natural way to diversify your portfolio and unlock market opportunities not available in traditional asset classes.

While traditional asset classes can be an effective source of diversification investors can benefit from having exposure to high growth private companies that would otherwise be not available.